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I Signed Up To Stock A Little Free Food Pantry… Now What?

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

First of all, thank you! In addition to generously providing food for your neighbors, you’re also the eyes on each pantry weekly to help ensure quality control for the recipients!

If you visit a Little Free Food Pantry, here are a few important things to look for 👀

📣 In the Summer of 2022, please remove/omit peanut butter due to the CDC's Jif recall! Please also remove/omit canned goods when the temperature is predicted above 90 degrees!

📣 Please check all expiration dates! If you arrive and find any food dated before the date you arrived or any food that is not manufacture-sealed, please dispose of it immediately.

📣 If you see open containers or food left outside the pantry, please dispose of it so the pantry doesn’t attract animals or bugs.

📣 If you see perishable food or glass items, please remove them and either dispose of the food or contact us for a drop-off location.

📣 Please remove and dispose of any non-food items (books, pamphlets, etc) you may find in or around the pantries.

📣 Please email us if you see any damage to the pantries (doors, rust, etc) when you arrive.

📣 The pantry MAY be full or empty when you arrive. Interfaith, Community Lodgings, Cora Kelly, MOM’s, and Del Ray/Alexandria’s Child are currently the largest pantries and will each hold 2+ bags if empty.

📣 We strongly encourage visits to school-based pantries before/after school hours. Please also try to visit all pantries during daylight hours, if possible.

📣 Please only include non-perishable, non-glass containers when stocking the pantries. The top/preferred items include:

• Rice

• Beans

• Oatmeal

• Pasta

• Mac & cheese

• Snacks

📣 If you have extra food after you visit the pantry, you’re welcome to save it for another time or leave it with us. (Again, please do not leave food outside the pantry.)

📣 We’d love for you to snap a pic of the stocked pantry or a selfie with the pantry!

Have any questions? Contact us!

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