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Our Mission Is Simple:

To love our neighbors by providing food for those in our community

who are experiencing hunger, homelessness, and food insecurity. 

Whether you’re an individual, family, troop, team, company, or other organization,

our goal is to provide you with a safe and easy way to help reach more people.

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We offer safe and easy opportunities to make sandwiches for the homeless in your own home. Drop-off your sandwiches outside in Alexandria and we will refrigerate and deliver them to Martha’s Table to help feed people experiencing hunger and homelessness.

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Little Food Pantry

Since March 2021, Be The Good has planted more than two dozen Little Free Food Pantries to provide emergency access to unexpired, non-perishable food, no questions asked. Volunteers can sign up weekly to stock any of the Little Free Food Pantries with non-perishable foods. Contact us if you’re interested in sponsoring or hosting a new location. 

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Care Packages

Since November 2020, Be The Good has distributed more than 4,400 individual bags of food for families through our network of school and non-profit partnerships. Click below to sign-up or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about current drives.

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Local Drop-off

24/7, 365 days a year, we accept contact-free in-kind donations of unexpired non-perishable foods in Alexandria, Va. We'll ensure your donations reach local families through our network of Little Free Food Pantries or as part of our Care Packages. Contact us to learn more. 

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100% of all charitable contributions go directly to supporting our mission: feeding our neighbors who are experiencing hunger, homelessness, and food insecurity. You can make a donation here to help us buy more food for people who need supplemental groceries.

Little Food Pantry Locations




Creekside Village 

7941 Janna Lee Ave. Alexandria VA 22306

Audubon Estates

7856 Eagle Ave. Alexandria Virginia 22306

Gerry Hyland Government Center

8350 Richmond Hwy. Alexandria, VA 22309 (Located near the parking lot)

Hybla Valley Community Center

7950 Audubon Ave. Alexandria, VA 22306

Gum Springs Community Center

8100 Fordson Rd. Alexandria VA 22306

Mount Vernon Governmental Center Pantry

2511 Parkers Ln. Alexandria, VA 22306

(Located on Collingwood Rd. entrance)

Groveton Elementary School

6900 Harrison Ln. Alexandria VA 22306

Hybla Valley Elementary School

3415 Lockheed Blvd. Alexandria VA 22306

Hollin Meadows Elementary School

2310 Nordok Pl. Alexandria VA 22306

Stratford Landing Elementary School

8484 Riverside Rd. Alexandria VA 22308

Rose Hill Elementary School

6301 Rose Hill Dr. Alexandria VA 22310

Holmes Middle School

6525 Montrose St. Alexandria VA 22312

John Adams Elementary School

5651 Rayburn Ave. Alexandria VA 22311

Patrick Henry Elementary School

4643 Taney Ave. Alexandria VA 22304

Cora Kelly Elementary School

3600 Commonwealth Ave. Alexandria VA 22305

James K. Polk Elementary School

5000 Polk Ave. Alexandria VA 22304

Charles Barrett Elementary School

1115 Martha Custis Dr. Alexandria VA 22302


MOM's Organic Market

3831 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria VA 22305

(Located near the Naked Lunch entrance)

Community Lodgings

3912 Elbert Ave. Alexandria VA 

(Located by the courtyard post office boxes)

Woodburn Elementary School

3401 Hemlock Dr, Falls Church, VA 22042

Lynbrook Elementary School

5801 Backlick Rd. Springfield VA 22105

Springfield Estates Elementary School

6200 Charles Goff Dr. Springfield 22150

Crestwood Elementary School

6010 Hanover Ave. Springfield VA 22150


Interfaith Works

751 Twinbrook Pkwy. Rockville, MD 20851

Latin American Youth Center

6200 Sheridan St. Riverdale MD 20737


Martha's Table

2204 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE

Washington D.C. 20020

If you're interested in sponsoring or hosting a new Little Free Food Pantry location, please send us a massage.

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