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Be The Good Project LLC is a family-led 501(c)3 non-profit in Alexandria, Virginia that harnesses the generosity of our community to help feed people who are experiencing hunger and food insecurity. 


What started as a small food drive in the wake of a pandemic has quickly developed into a robust non-profit with hundreds of volunteers throughout the Washington D.C. region. Be The Good Project has helped feed thousands of people in Virginia and Washington D.C. since June 2020 through our partnerships with local non-profits and food pantries. To say it's been miraculous to watch this endeavor expand would be an understatement.


Be The Good Project is led by Sterling and Amber Marchand and their four young children. When he’s not transporting large quantities of food, Sterling is a litigation attorney at Baker Botts in Washington, D.C. and an avid bibliophile. Amber, a former corporate consultant, oversees outreach and draws custom illustrations at RooScribbles to raise funds for Be The Good Project.


With your help, we’ll continue to reach more people who need food during this unprecedented time. If you’d like to learn how to volunteer or become one of our non-profit partners, please contact us.


I love that this small community can make such a huge impact. Life is about character, community and giving back. What a great lesson to teach our kids!

-Mary Alex (BTG Volunteer)


September 3, 2020

Family turns small food drive into major campaign that's feeding thousands in the D.M.V.

A couple times a week, eight-year-old Foster Marchand, his siblings and parents turn their front yard in Alexandria into a hub for...


October 15, 2020

Fort Hunt community part of "Be The Good Project"

What started out as a family effort to pitch in, helping those in need of food during the pandemic has blossomed into a bigger effort called "Be The Good Project," that's brought...


December 16, 2020

Ex-Capitol Hill staffers build food pantry in pandemic

What began as one family’s effort to keep their children engaged in their community in the midst of an isolating pandemic has mushroomed into a massive new project that will feed hundreds...

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