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I signed up to stock a little pantry... now what?

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

First of all, thank you for volunteering to stock a Little Free Food Pantry! There are more than two dozen Little Free Food Pantries across the DMV that provide our neighbors with emergency access to unexpired non-perishable food with discretion and dignity. These little boxes are a huge blessing to the communities where they’re planted, but this doesn't happen without your help. In addition to generously providing food for your neighbors, you are the eyes on each pantry weekly to help ensure quality control for the recipients! We would also be so grateful if you would share the sign-up link with your friends and neighbors.

The Little Free Food Pantries are designed to be a safe and simple opportunity for volunteers to help feed their neighbors who are experiencing food insecurity.

A few important stocking details!

  • Please remove and dispose immediately if you see any perishable food inside the little pantry (ex. fruit), food that has expired, non-food items (ex. books, papers), food that is not properly manufacturer-sealed (ex. broken boxes, ziplock bags), or anything left outside the little pantry on the ground!

  • Make sure to check the dates on all food in the box and only include non-perishable, manufacture-sealed, non-glass containers when stocking the pantries.

  • Each box will hold between 2-3 bags of groceries. When you arrive, you may find the box full or empty! The top/preferred items include canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned meat, beans, pasta, cereal, oil, and seasoning.

  • Please send us a message if you see any damage to the pantries (doors, rust, etc) when you arrive. You are welcome to go by the pantry at your convenience over the weekend for your sign-up. Please limit school-based pantries before/after school hours. Aim to visit the little pantries during daylight hours!

  • We have non-perishables that you can pick up in Alexandria (22308). If you encounter any problems or you would like to pick up non-perishables to stock the little pantries, please send us a message!

  • If you have extra food after you visit the pantry, you’re welcome to save it for another time or leave it with us. Please do not leave food outside the pantry!

  • Finally, we would love for you to snap a photo of the stocked pantry or a selfie with the pantry (if you’re comfortable!) and share it with us. We’ll share it on social media to help spread the word!

As always, please contact us if you have additional questions. Thank you for being the good in our community!

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