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Do you need service hours?

We LOVE student volunteers! Our mission is to make it safe and easy for volunteers to help, whether it's on the weekend, after school, or in the evening!

Since our start in 2020, hundreds of students have earned service hours by filling Little Free Food Pantries and making sandwiches for our neighbors who are experiencing hunger and food insecurity.

One question we’re frequently asked by students and families: how much time can I submit for volunteering? Because our system is based on the honor system, we really encourage all students to log and submit accurate hours!

On average, that usually looks like:

  • ~ 1 hour to shop for and fill one Little Free Food Pantry, and 30 mins to fill additional pantries nearby (ex: sign up to fill 5 pantries one weekend = 3 hours)

  • ~ 1.5 hours to make and deliver 25 sandwiches

  • ~ 2 hours to make and deliver 50 sandwiches

  • ~ 2.5-3 hours to make and deliver 75 sandwiches

  • ~ 3-4 hours to make and deliver 100 sandwiches

  • ~ Up to 5 hours to make and deliver 200 sandwiches

These are estimates, and students’ submissions can vary depending on how far the student travels and if they’re working with a friend (ex. one shopped and the other delivered.)

It can also vary depending on how many weekends you sign up to help. For example, making 150 sandwiches in one day with friends may take a student 4.5 hours, but signing up to make 25 sandwiches every Sunday for 6 weekends may take 9 hours, due to multiple shopping and delivery trips!

Already signed up to make sandwiches or to fill a Little Free Food Pantry? Have other questions about how to get involved? Contact us!

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