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Volunteer Spotlight: Madore Family

A local stylists serves her neighbors together with her family and colleagues.

“My family has gotten to watch BTG grow from the very beginning. When the pandemic hit and so many businesses were shut down, our friends saw the need in our community and they wanted to help.

“They started with a storage bin they set up next to their mailbox and asked their friends and neighbors to donate what they could. My kids loved walking to their house to add items to the bin and we were always amazed that at a time when people were hoarding things like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and even chicken, the bin was always full.

“Since then, our family has gotten to spend some great time together making hundreds of sandwiches, delivering care packages, picking up donated newspaper stands and sanding them down to help prepare them to become free food pantries.

“Even just spreading the word about BTG feels good.”

“When I told my friend and mentor, Luis, about BTG he signed our whole Stylists At North team up to make sandwiches and has also done raffles at the salon and just donated to support BTG.

“My favorite BTG memory is when my oldest daughter, Isabelle, used her babysitting money to buy enough food to make 500 sandwiches. We spent hours making sandwiches together and she recorded it for her YouTube channel so that she could also help spread the word about BTG and how much she loves what they are doing for our community.”

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